Training Opportunities In Clinical Medical Ethics!

The MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago offers the oldest and largest fellowship program in clinical ethics. Since 1981, over 500 fellows have received outstanding multidisciplinary clinical ethics training. We now offer multiple fellowship opportunities and pathways for physicians, nurses, ethicists, attorneys, philosophers, chaplains, and other scholars who wish to take advantage of our multidisciplinary approach.

Siegler Fellowship Clinical Ethics Fellowship (part-time) for those able to spend July in residence in Chicago and then returning to campus on Wednesdays September through May.

American College of Surgeons-MacLean Center Surgical Ethics Fellowship for surgeons doing the part-time Clinical Ethics Fellowship.

Full-time Clinical Ethics Fellowship (funded) for those intending to spend 1-2 years at the MacLean Center in intensive clinical ethics training and research.

Hospitalist-Scholars Clinical Medical Ethics Program for those trained in internal medicine with an interest in an academic career in clinical medical ethics.

Cancer Genomics and Ethics of Big Data Science Fellowship for those interested in a full-time research and clinical ethics training program focused on cancer and big data.