Ethics Consultation Service

Clinical and Research Ethics Consultants

Clinical Ethics Consultants are listed below. Faculty with * next to their names also do reserach ethics consults.

  • Peter Angelos, MD, PhD
  • Daniel Brauner, MD
  • Brian Callender, MD
  • Julie Chor, MD, MPH
  • Kamala Cotts, MD
  • Stacy Kahn, MD
  • Tracy Koogler, MD*
  • Emily Landon, MD
  • Alex Langerman, MD
  • William Meadow, MD, PhD
  • Ross Milner, MD
  • Lainie Ross, MD, PhD*
  • Milda Saunders MD, MPH
  • Mark Siegler, MD*
  • Jaideep Singh, MD
  • Peter J Smith, MD, MA
  • John Yoon, MD