Dorothy J. MacLean Fellows Conference

Each year for the past 33 years, the MacLean Center has hosted a conference that draws speakers, primarily former fellows of the MacLean Center, who discuss today’s issues in clinical medical ethics. The conference audience usually numbers 250 to 300 and includes more than 100 former faculty and fellows. The conference remembers Dorothy Jean MacLean, who helped create the MacLean Center and was deeply committed to its work. D.J. MacLean believed that education was the best way to improve the world and throughout her life supported many leading educational institutions.

The 34th consecutive MacLean Fellows Conference will be held on November 11-12, 2022. Register here today. Stay tuned for our 2021 Conference Program. 

The 2022 Conference Program is available here:

In recent years, we have presented the MacLean Center Prize to "individuals who have made transformative contributions to the field of clinical ethics through scholarship, practice, leadership, and policy development.” In the past, the Prize was given to Dr. Steven Miles, Dr. John Wennberg, Dr. Peter Singer, Dr. Susan Tolle, and Dr. Laura Roberts.