Our Alumni: 1999-2000

Jeffrey Allen, MD, Professory, Deoartments of Pediatrics (Oncology Division) and Neurology (Administration), New York University.

Shahab Asgharzadeh M.D., is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Pathology at the USC Keck School of Medicine and a pediatric neuro-oncologist at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  His research interests include biology of Neuroblastoma, Medulloblastoma, and application of genomic technologies to pediatric cancers.

Kathy Biersack, MD, VNSY Hospice.

Kathleen Danielson, JD, PhD, Ethics Consultation. 

Erin Flanagan Klygis, MD, is an Assistant Professor with conjoint appointments in the Departments of Pediatrics and Religion, Health and Human Values at Rush University Medical Center. She is currently the Medical Director of the Rush Pediatric Palliative Care program and the Course Director of the Ethics in Medicine curriculum at Rush Medical College.

Elisa Gordon, PhD, MPH, is Research Associate Professor at the Institute for Healthcare Studies and Division of Organ Transplantation at the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University.

Paul Helft, MD, is Assistant Professor of Medicine (Oncology) and Director of the Fairbanks Center for Medical Ethics at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Victoria Hester, MD, Theresa A. Thomas Medical Center. 

Lynn A. Jansen, RN, PhD, is the Madeline Brill Nelson Chair in Ethics Education at Oregon Health and Science University.  She was formerly a Senior Medical Ethicist at The John J. Conley Department of Ethics at St. Vincent’s Manhattan, and was a member of the Ethics Committee at the NY Foundling Hospital in New York City. She is the Associate Editor for Theoretical Medicine & Bioethics at the New York Medical College.

Elizabeth Lauber, MD, St. Joseph Regional Medical Center. 

Bonnie Salomon, MD, Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital; Lecturer, Department of Philosophy. 

Katie Watson, JD is an Assistant Professor in the Medical Humanities & Bioethics Program of NorthwesternUniversity's Feinberg School of Medicine, where she is an award-winning teacher of medical students and MA students, a member of the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Ethics Committee, and creator and Editor of the medical humanities and ethics publication Atrium. Watson’s scholarly interests include medical ethics, health law, contraceptive and abortion policy. She is also the creator of “medical improv”—tailoring improvisational theater training techniques to improve clinical communication.